1. Shadow Change Log

    neither lover nor couple.
    neither heppy nor sad.
    neither then nor now.
    neither you nor i,
    it’s not the same anymore

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  2. Memories

    as deep as sea
    as wide as galaxy
    as strong as wave
    that’s a memory all about

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  3. Missing You - G.Dragon

    English Translation:

    Yeah (maybe i’m missing you)
    I meet ordinary ppl and talk to them
    Laugh w/ them, just like usual, w/o any thoughts.
    Tv is my only friend at night
    I finally go to sleep when the sun rises in the morning
    I’m too shabby, i might have liked you a lot.
    After you left, the blue sky seems like it’s just yellow
    Where are you feeling hurt, i’m here
    Or maybe you’re in love w/ someone else
    Some other love, i miss you my baby

    My heart feels this sad but i have no one to talk to
    I wanna smile broadly sometime but have no one beside me
    Maybe i’m missing you

    Back then, we were like that
    Between you and me it was all clear and pure
    First it was all about love, just like everyone says
    Why did we do that though we all know
    (But) as time goes, like the glass breaking
    Like the ring in hands losing its light
    Like getting a cut by a sharp knife
    Like strangling my neck w/ the chain of restriction
    The memories that i have w/ you
    Which i thought they’re gonna be always good
    Though i hate it, only the wounds and unsolved misunderstandings are left.
    I needed to hold back till the end
    The words of “i’m breaking up w/ you”
    (Yet) the time we fight and argue
    It was better than now.

    My heart feels this sad but i have no one to talk to
    I wanna smile broadly sometime but have no one beside me
    Maybe i’m missing you

    I still feel like you’re next to me everyday when i open my eyes
    Can’t we turn the times back that we’ve been together ah- ah-

    My heart feels this sad but i have no one to talk to
    I wanna smile broadly sometime but have no one beside me
    Maybe i’m missing you

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    (Source: kpoplyrics.net)

  4. Dreamland (Ice Cream)

    I was in a dreamland.
    holding an ice cream.
    But it melt and disappear,
    Turn into water and fall.

    Either fall or fly,
    I want to go to that dream again.
    Where one after another is just dream,
    A dreamland of mine.

    I was nothing.
    You are Nothing.
    It was nothing.
    Nothing from the beginning…

    People Laugh and left.
    It’s not my intention.
    I dont want an Ice Cream.

    An ice cream like that.
    A perfect ice cream for me.
    Only for me, and only mine

    Your flavour stay at my tongue,
    Melt at my mind.
    Ain’t nobody know how it felt.
    They just laugh and left.

    Will that dream come again??
    Where you and me exist.
    and you are not running,
    But stay with me.

    My Ice cream..
    the Best 1 that come
    with 3 layer of flavour
    The Perfect ice cream
    You are just 1 step away from me.

    I want you more and more
    Just you..
    The Perfect Human Being

  5. Ada 2 jenis jenius di dunia ini. satu, dia yang melakukukannya hanya sesuai keinginannya. dua, dia yang memprediksi masa depan, dan bekerja keras melakukannya.

    —  bakuman (not originaly like that, it’s just what i remember)

  6. Letter to My friend

    Diakhir angka kembar kuberjalan
    Pada awal suatu perubahan yang terjadi
    Kutemukan bayangan penggantinya.
    Dan itu kamu..

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  7. The End Begins

    — God of War III

  8. i Disappear

    as the song fly away
    my mind goes by with it
    into the light i disappear

    the flow of mellody bring back memories
    the flow of memories start to hurt me
    only you that can come to my dream
    i dream a dream with you,
    but then…i gave up

    i never gonna get you anyway
    i’ll never gonna get you
    as i leave my message~
    i also leave my heart

    but now all the flow come again
    i feel “de ja vu”
    suddenly all the memories stabing my heart
    as i hear the news of you

    cure me!!
    dont leave before you cure me
    cure me from this pain
    cure me from your beauty
    bauty that remain within my head

    it’s not your fault
    it’s not my fault
    it’s not our fault
    only my foolishness

    Dont make me have the false hope
    You are the only one i need
    come if possible,
    i’ll always look the windows
    waiting for you to return
    return to my world
    even if it’s kill me

  9. Comparaison n’est pas raison

    For the shadow comes over me.
    Reaching the deepest part of hell.
    Overwhelming me with sorrow.
    tempest, turn over and staring at me
    as i stand still

    watch over an angel who comes by.
    the light come and shine bright
    not to bring me back to life
    but to take my head and end this sorrow.

    is this happiness??
    or the worst comes worst??
    angel or devil . happiness or sorrow
    life or death

    none can imagine the whole things
    as i step down from the throne
    throw away everythings i had
    and the next step
    bring me to the end

    the end is just the beginning
    World come to an end
    life soon will end
    nothings left
    nothings but Loneliness

    it dark..
    it’s just dark..


    Glowing outside
    but dark inside
    my eyes see the light
    but my heart cant

    is anyone there??

  10. Depressed.


  11. My favorite part :

    "Boy dont say~~"

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